• A beautiful tree which is now mature. My gardener has recently retired so I’m curious how best to prune & when?


  • You could trim back the branches now by about 6-9 inches.
    Normally the best time to prune is November, when you can see the shape you would like it to be

    Hope this helps and do call us on 01584 878878 if you need to discuss further.


  • Please can you tell me if these are delivered as a standard/half standard and what the clearance is of the stem? Also, approximate trunk girth please? I’m looking to buy two, the more mature the better, within reason of course 🙂

    Kate Learmonth

  • The clear stem is about 1.20 metres, they are still young trees with a girth of about 6-8cm max.

    Hope this helps


    Richard Beamish