• banging tree


  • Received from colleagues as a rememberance tree when my Dad passed away. Tree was bent and a bad shape( according to my husband who works on a plant nursery).


  • I have just read your comment about the Oak tree we delivered to you.

    It is very difficult for us to understand, as we are not used to sending out misshapen trees and we only wish our customers to be happy and have a tree that thrives with them.

    Would you like to send us a photo and we will do our best to rectify the situation ?

    Many thanks


    Richard Beamish

  • Do you invoice schools.

    Tracey Rudman

  • Yes, please just email us what you are looking for

    Hope this helps

    Richard Beamish

  • I bought my tree in February. Planted as instructed. Cared for with love and water… it has yet to show any signs of life. I fear it wasn’t hardy after all and did not make it through the cold of this year. Poor tree. ?


  • Please call us on 01584 878878 and we can replace it with a potted one in full leaf

    Isobel Hurt

  • Tree was sum job hi. My ma loved it so she did. Would plant again.

    Aneta Beejay