• I would like to buy one

    Annabelle Armitage

  • Could you call us on 01584 878878 and I hope we can help


  • Hi looking to buy a tall Rowan tree what have you got


  • When will you have a rowan tree in stick I want one that will be a medium size when fully grown as my garden is not overlarge


  • We will have the cultivar “Sheerwater Seedling”, which does not grow as tall as the common Rowan, ready in a couple of weeks

    Hope this helps

    Richard Beamish

  • what girth does the shearwater seedling 15l pot have, I need 3 no. at 10cm girth due to a planning permission condition. I believe this roughly equates to 10-12ft high?


  • Please let me know when you have a large bare root rowannin stock

    Debs Everard

  • The largest bare root we have now are 120-150 cm and we won’t have any larger bare root until the Autumn

    Best regards


    Richard Beamish

  • Hi
    What is the gift wrapping you provide? Thanks


  • The pot is wrapped in a hessian sack with a satin ribbon and we tie on a hand-written card for whatever message you would like us to say.

    Hope this helps


    Richard Beamish