• How tall does this tree grow

    Julia Ayling

  • Dear Mrs Ayling,

    You should see an ultimate growth of about 5-6 metres.

    Kind Regards


  • Will Cercis perform in clay (heavy) soil.

    Patrick J Casey

  • Yes, they don’t mind clay but best lighten up the soil in the place you would be planting it.

    Richard Beamish

  • Is this suitable in a container?

    Mrs Lennox

  • Yes ,the Judas Tree can be kept in a container not less than 60cm in diameter.

    If it is planted in compost, then after a year it should be given plant food supplement, as the compost loses its nutrients

    Hope this helps



  • Are the pods poisonous to animals when they fall

    Rob Coe

  • Not on any comprehensive list of trees that are poisonous as far as we know.

    Hope this helps

    Richard Beamish