Join The Great British Elm Experiment and become an elm guardian.
In collaboration with The Conservation Foundation, Trees Direct can offer native Elm saplings for sale which are part of the Great British Elm Experiment. Fifty years after Dutch elm disease wiped out over 25 million trees in the UK, the Foundation is attempting to unlock the mystery of why some trees survived … And in doing so it is hoped that a new generation of elms will become established for a future generation to enjoy.
By purchasing one of the native elm saplings, you’ll have the chance to join The Great British Elm Experiment. You’ll be asked to register your tree (or one of your trees if you are buying more than one) on the Foundation’s ‘elm map’ and to regularly update its progress.
Each sapling comes with a certificate showing its provenance and species. But as this is an experiment, they don’t come with a guarantee!
These young elms make an ideal purchase for anyone interested in being part of a high profile UK wide experiment. They’re also a great gift for a special occasion.
To find out more about The Great British Elm Experiment visit www.conservationfoundation.co.uk and click the elm logo
If you would like to buy native elm saplings but don’t want to join The Great British Elm Experiment these may also be purchased through Trees Direct.

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